• I was at DHET yesterday and ran into Lynel waiting to see Dr Buthelezi while supporting some of the providers who come from far and who did not have a clue what the process entails.Thank you Lynel for all the work you do. I think your work is especially crucial for those small providers who do not have a voice as they are the ones who stand to loose the most in the end. I think the DHET staff run for the hills when they see you are there and that you are not going to give an inch before this matter is resolved.

      • Louis! I do apologise for not seeing your comment. Yes we did meet there, and it was good to see you. Just a quick question, were you at the DHET on the 15th August? If you were, you walked right past me!!! You are too kind thank you Louis for the kind words. Some people are normally very happy to see me, and then there are some that would rather avoid me (for some strange reason). We will continue with our work, and have been informed that we will have an additional meeting with the DHET Directorate very soon, as we requested! This will bring more answers and solutions to providers for sure, and this is our goal. To work with the DHET, get to solutions together in order to have a smooth process for all.