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    Dolce Mokhathi

    I conquer with Des, this roadshows where disappointment,

    For me they are re-inventing the wheel, they have never done any research or study to find out why all the models that government have been trying to implement since 2000 have failed, simple things like learnerships, why are they failing,

    They are just gunning for our businesses, how on earth can business/employer go out of its way to look for learners, signup learners and look for a training provider that can assist them to develop a qualification and train those learners???

    What is more worrying is ISO standards that we have comply to, they could not give us an answer how much this would cost,

    All what I heard is that QCTO is superior to everyone and all the service providers/SDP should recognize this and take them seriously if they still want to be in business.

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    Dolce Mokhathi

    Dear All

    Thanks very much for comments more especially the ones that we directed to me,

    The issues at hand seems to make most of you angry,

    You even went to an extend of being the Mining Houses and giving reasons why you cannot empower black employees/people,

    I urge you to go through the MQA Annual Reports, maybe this might be an eye opener to some of you, year in year out MQA fails to achieve its set targets not because it does not have money to fund those programmes but simply becauses Mining houses don’t want to claim this grants in order to empower its employees,

    Those miners are indeed “illiterate”,

    If it was not the case they would have not sacrificed their lives for a mere 22% salary increase,which in real monetary value is anything between R500 to R2500 taking into consideration that some of them still earn less than R3000 a month, to most of them R12500 was a life come true,

    How ironic it is that the same poor miners who cannot make a mere R10 000 a month, gets told that the mine lost/looses approximately R30M  a day when they don’t work, 

    After such a tragedy, I would also talk openly about my stupidity and how illiterate I am when I realize that I am worse off than I was before the strike and worst of all I am not even getting the R12500 that I was fighting for,

    For those of you who are working with the mines to educate the miners, which of you have presented “Economics” to underground miners? I guess they excelled in the subject,

    Mining sector do have lot of ills, and 20 years of ANC government without Economic Freedom cannot change the industry that has been running like these over 170 years, the will always do anything and everything to employ cheap labour, and use tactics not to empower black people,

    I agree with those people that believe “Training and Education” is a solution and since it is not their core business, they should engage with the expects to help them.

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    Dolce Mokhathi

    This sad reality questions the willingness of the mines to transform. Clearly it does work for them to have cheap unqualified labour as it was happening during apartheid. They are fighting as much as they can for the status quo to remain.

    Being exposed and working in the mining area, the so called skills development is none existing, the mines will always use any means not to empower its employees, actually they use the same government legislation and acts NOT to train employees, they block all the government initiatives to change the lives of the people for better;

    Their interest is production and productions and production. On a daily basis these poor mines has to reach a production target, if they exceed this they get a bonus and everyone work hard to get this bonus, no time to upskills himself/herself. Even if they have the opportunity to study, like any human being, they will opt for money so that they can survive.

    If they could be given this performance bonuses to educate themselves, then the Marikana situation will not repeat itself and;

    This is not gonna change anytime soon taking into consideration the comments that where made by both CEO’s of Anglo American and Sibanye Gold, clearly this is a war between government and the mines.

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