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  • Hi Sylvia, I can assist on the 11th if required. Unfortunately I will be training on the 12th.

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    The credit accumulation and transfer policy as developed by SAQA is quite clear. Credits earned for any unit standard based programme can be accumulated and transferred to other programmes. Once a learner has been deemed competent and a statement of results issued the competency can never be taken away and the credits remain with the learner for life i.e. lifelong learning. Credit transfer and accumulation does relate to and refer to a qualification or skills programme for the simple reason that is all it can be transferred to.

  • I have today sent the link to this discussion to the Minister and asked her to have a look at the comments and concerns raised.

  • Hi Sylvia and others, I had a letter from the Minister yesterday in response to some issues I pointed out related to poor service. Unfortunately some of our departmental leaders took my comments as being my personal issues with them and of course denied that any problems with me existed. They continually fail to see the big picture. I have been asked if there are still problems that need to be addressed which of course I would like to respond to. So lets have some examples that I can use please. let’s use this opportunity to bring our problems into the open.

  • Hi Kate, your final comment related to the failure of the levy payers to make interventions is so true. May of the problems we encounter with the SETAs and QCTO for that matter are because we accept what is going on. It is time we started fighting for what is rightfully ours. We pay the levies and we are entitled to some answers when our money is being misused and squandered. why are we being so complacent?

  • This is something we need to be on the lookout for. I will see what I can find out.

  • Where are you based? Is this for work or for accreditation purposes – please advise before I send my details

  • Since employers must treat learners as employees fort he duration of the learnership and must ensure all LRA and BCEA requirements are adhered to I am of the opinion that the requirements of the NMW bill must similarly be met. In the event the seta does not offer sufficient funding to meet the minimum wage then the employer would have to make up the difference. To my way of thinking, linking the wage to the credits is going to cause problems and will I feel once again negatively impact the learner who may be held back in terms of assessments just to keep the credit levels down.

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    You could make contact with
    0769845784. this company has a wide range of quality programmes. Good luck with the new learning center.

  • Hi Thembakazi, I have attached a document that might assist. You really should have a look at the department of labour web site as all of the information on EE is there and there are many documents you can download.

  • Congratulations Graeme – may you be forever successful.

  • Employers pay 1% of Payroll
    Mandatory Grant = 20.0%
    Discretionery Grant = 49.5%
    QCTO = 0.5%
    Sars = 2.0%
    National Skills Fund = 18.0%
    SETA Admin= 10.0%
    Total is 70%

  • Hi Pierre, I am not sure if such a thing exists. Will investigate and advise soonest.

  • Hi Simphiwe, the objective of the NQF was to assist historically disadvantaged individuals. In many instances the system has failed to do so and in many instances providers are currently failing them and taking them for a ride. I have advise some providers that what they are doing is not permitted but they do not care and carry on. We must go on creating awareness of the irregularities that exist and take action where necessary.

  • Exactly as I have said. thank you for confirming. problem is that providers still train these individuals as assessors knowing they will never be able to register. Unethical behaviour in my opinion

  • Des Squire started the topic Providers failing their learners in the forum Group logo of Assessment & ModerationDiscussions on Assessment & Moderation 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    I find it quite disturbing that so many newly qualified assessors and moderators contact me to enquire as to how to register as assessors and moderators. When I question them they tell me the providers do not explain what must happen after qualifying. In may instances the newly qualified assessors and moderators do not meet the “subject matter expertise” requirements in order to register and are turned down by the SETA. Is this an ethical problem with some training providers???

    Another area of concern to me is the completion of POE’s during training. The unit standard is quite specific when it states one of the assessments conducted by the learner may be fictitious. This is an area being flaunted by providers and goes against the rules where the credits and notional hours (for practical and on the job experience) of study are concerned. In addition a learner may not undergo training as a moderator until they have qualified as assessors and must be in possession of a statement of results to verify this fact. Why are some providers still offering a combined training for assessor and moderator??? Once again I am concerned as this is an ethical problem and must be dealt with.

  • Get hold of a company called Smart Script in Pretoria. They have a great range of programmes. Mention my name and you will get great service and prices – Ha, Ha.

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    Skills audits can be done at anytime you choose but if you have not done one recently I would advise doing one before submission of your next WSP (WSS) or EE report. it is a requirement of the EE Act that an audit be completed to establish skills gaps and so on. There are no hard fast rules in terms of how often a skills audit should be completed. Regarding the steps to follow that is another story and one that is too involved to outline here. One word of advise is – try to get as many managers involved in assisting you as possible as this will assist in getting them to co-operate with you going forward. If you need to contact me further feel free to do so.

  • Hi Sylvia, thank you for post this very informative document. It’s interesting to see which SETAS may be merged and which will undergo no changes. There is plenty of room for comment here particularly in relation to Services SETA, ETDP SETA, Construction SETA and Chemical SETA to mention just a few. I hope all providers on this platform will take the time to respond and make recommendations to the minister. What a ray of sunshine this lady (Minister Pandor) is.