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    HI ALL

    Feedback after my meeting with DHET and HW SETA on Monday.
    Well…… What can I say…… It went very well BUT…..

    Ok, let me start at the meeting first.
    It really did go well. HW SETA said that they have been in consultation with DOL and the directive gazette in September of last year will be changed as the intention was never to have EVERYBODY join HW Seta.
    We were told that other ETQA’s cover first Aid and that DOL will be signing the same MOU with all the other Seta’s as it did with HW Seta. With other words we can pick any Seta of our own preference and apply for first aid with them. I was told that TETA is already aware of this arrangement and I can now apply to TETA for my first aid. That was the good news (And I got very excited at this stage because if I don’t have to deal with HW and can apply for single US under TETA I will be the happiest camper in the world.

    However… and this is where the bad news comes in…. on my meeting of TETA on Tuesday I was told that this is not facts as yet as the meeting between the ETQS and DOL must still be held (it was set for 26 April) and that other SETA’s will be against such changes as HW Seta is the custodian of H&W and therefore cannot pass it on to others. Who will be paying for the monitoring of courses??

    So we are not a whole lot further than we were last week but I am looking very much forward to the outcome of the meeting of the DOL and ETQA’s of the 26th to get more answers.

    If we do not get the required results from this meeting we will be appealing to the board of HW Seta and to QCTO to make the necessary changes to HW Seta policy, because it is discriminatory and unfair to SP.

    I will keep you all posted to my progress herein but the battle is not yet lost.

    • it seems that all the hard work and continuous requesting for solutions does work. If we don’t give up, stand together, help one another, it can be such an awesome industry. Cornea, you make me so proud. It is wonderful to see how determination to help others, can be positive with a wonderful outcome. You have really gone the extra mile. Thank you so much!