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    Hi Everyone. I don’t want to get too excited but I have a date with DHET, QCTO and HW SETA for the 25th of April. – Yes I’m still around and still in the battle 🙂
    I will give feedback after this date as to the outcome. I have the CC/PTY LTD question in there as well. and trust I can get back with some clear answers.

    • Hi Cornea, this is such good news! Well done. Please be advised that the CC issue is also now with the DHET Legal Team – just so that you know. We have not stopped liaising with the DHET on this issue. There legal team is working on this, but we don’t know how long it will take for an answer. So please let us know if you get any answer – this must be obtained in writing so that we can share this with all the small providers for sure! Well done Cornea!!

      • Hi Lynel, I eventually got an answer back from Mr A Monageng Deputy Director: Private Higher Education Institutions re registration etc. He said I should contact Mrs Monica Motloi for further info and assistance, but sadley she does not answer any mails neither her phone. Livhuwani Mudimeli, Shaheeda Essack & Madikwe Mabotha were copied in on my mail. Hope to get some info soon.

        • Hi Francois, when you email Mrs Motloi again, please ensure that you also copy in the Call Centre – do a read/receipt – keep all records. I think that the DHET is being flooded by emails and they are not able to keep up with the demand – I am aware that SETAs are starting to wake up now, but are communicating to providers in telling them they have to deal with the DHET themselves. Seems like the SETAs are not being helpful to providers at all. I know that the DHET Registrar have taken our concerns to the the Legal Department, but we have not had the outcome as yet. Time is ticking by, and time will run out. I hear you Francois, I do.

    • Hi Cornea. Can you give us any feedback on your appointment with DHET?