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    Hi Don

    This certainly is an interesting topic. What is a good facilitation fee? I say the more the merrier, however for workshops that I have done I have been paid an amount that varies from R1500.00 per day to R5000.00 per day. The companies who pay less at least pay for transport, accomodation and food. The higher they pay the less extras get paid. If you go onto the skills portal webpage and look at their so called competitive rates you will see that most of the advertisements advertise between R1000.00 and R2000 per day.

    So what is deemed or seen as a good wage, well I for one quite like the gentlemans blog that we should be paid per hour, If I am not mistaken he mentions a fee of R450p/h which is a good comprimise. Falls sort of in between the R5000 and the R2000 mark. Then I think that all accomodation etc should be paid seperate. This fee I believe should be a standard fee with assessment, development moderation etc all being extra.

    I recently did training for a company where I was paid R2000 p/day plus petrol. Later I was asked by the very same company to to do the exact same training but was only prepared to pay R1000 once off per day with no extra costs. This to me is a rip off especially when you know that the company is making 7 or 8 times that amount. Sometimes I think that the lack of training and the economic climate allows companies to take advantage of peoples skills and knowledge.

    More recently I was asked to run a project during the world cup whereby I would be subcontracting on behalf of another company. I was offered an amount R10000 to run all operations and be in charge of a facility that would be holding a capacity of 5000 people a day from 08:00 in the morning till approximately 12:00 at night this for between 7 and 12 days of work. I believe that this was not lucrative and actually found it a slap in the face. Particularly because the contracting company was making much more money and that this was a drop in the ocean. The responsibility of this function far out weighed the salary provided and then we not even talking about the amount of time spent on the job.

    As facilitators we should not be taken advantage of just beacuse of people are aware that there is a lack of business and that the economic climate suggest they can, and then I also believe that thumb suck figures just to say you helped a person is absolutely ridiculous.

    Maybe someone out there has the ability or knows the right people that can actually seta standard for pricing to elimate the ridiculous variations of fees payable.

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