Ashwell Glasson

  • @ashwellglasson Best wishes Ashwell for your birthday and a successful 2015 – we do hope that you are having a great day. Thanks for your contributions to our community which we value highly. Regards sylvia

  • @ashwellglasson Happy birthday Ashwell on this momentous day. Thank you for your contribution & we wish you all the best for 2014 that it will be successful in the way you wish from sylvia & the skills-universe team

  • @ashwellglasson hello Ashwell,
    Thanks so much for your help i spoke to Elize and she introduced me to a gentleman called John and we had a wonderful talk. John promised to send me the information needed and am so happy about this. thanks so much.

  • @ashwellglasson Hi, Ashwell
    I’ve posted a blog on transfer of learning.  The info that you provided in the training provider group is very valuable and I am afraid that some people might miss it.  Won’t you please copy and paste it in response to my blog?
    This is such an important topic and hopefully there will be more response.
    Kind Regards

  • @ashwellglasson Happy birthday and a time to say thank you for your contribution to our skills-universe community

  • @ashwellglasson Hi Ashwell,
    Please contact me directly on my or mobile 079 643 4457.
    Many thanks

  • @ashwellglasson Hi Ashwell… I wanted to explain the situation with Seta external moderation we are facing but we need to be friends for me to inbox you the details? anyway
    we had a 1st visit – the verifyer tried to bribe us and we reported it, then we had another visit the verifyer had remedial comments – we took it up with the ETQA since all…[Read more]

  • @ashwellglasson Dear Ashwell, thank you for the information. I would really appreciate the information.
    Keep well,

  • @ashwellglasson nice to be intouch again!  how are you?

  • @ashwellglasson Ten years ago, most Durban Universities did not offer a HR degree so students found alternatives route in HR management e.g. industrial psychology, labour studies ,etc. Where in your opinion would you say the future of Industrial Psychology is going?

  • @ashwellglasson Hi, Ashwell

    Thanks for letting me know about the ECD tender. We are not an NGO, but I informed our NGO partners about it.

    All of the best!

    Kind Regards

  • @ashwellglasson I am sort of semi-retired when it comes to training, as I feel I’ve reached my “sell-by” date, but am available for learning material development. I am loving playing the role of the eccentric, kaftan-clad recluse at the moment and will only make rare appearances at book signings in order to promote my book/learning manual “Steps…[Read more]

  • @ashwellglasson Welcome to the Cape, Ashwell. I am actually further up the coast in the Southern Cape (Mossel Bay/George) but will keep ears open for opportunities

  • @ashwellglasson I get that all the time 🙂 and it’s pronouced with an ‘E’ and Eddie is short for Eduarda. Kind regards, Eddie

  • @ashwellglasson Thanks Ash,I noticed ur client is First Resorts,very interesting.I would appreciate any assistance.You may contact me on 0839631007.Thanks for adding me as a friend.
    Regards, Loshni

  • @ashwellglasson Hi Ash,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I completed the Certificate in Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practice through Dionysus Training. This included SDF, Assessor, Moderator, Material Development, QA etc.Initailly I did find it very useful and would strongly recommend this programme to people genuinely…[Read more]

  • @ashwellglasson I really appreciate the ‘hints’ that you give to me, re funding etc.

  • @ashwellglasson We are a public FET College. A few years ago 5 colleges merged and became the one college, College of Cape Town.

    Thanks for the advise on the ABET-courses. We are looking at expanding … want to identify courses in education that there are a demand for.

    Regards, Wilma

  • @ashwellglasson We are accredited and have programme approval for the following SAQA qualifications:
    Level 1 Basic Certificate in ECD, Level 4 National FET Certificate:ECD, Level 5 Higher Certificate in ECD, Level 5 National Diploma in ECD, Level 5 Certificate: Education.
    We also offer: N4, N5 and N6 National Certificates in Educare
    Short Courses:…[Read more]

  • @ashwellglasson Ashwell, somebody at the SETA e-mailed me a powerpoint presentation of the scarce/ critical skills and that is really helpful. I also found many other valuable information on the internet.
    Now it is really the hard work … working through all the information and compiling the portfolio of evidence.

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