Medical Aid vs Murphy's Law

By bronwynnewman, 20 November, 2012

The Truth be told if you don’t have it you going to need it almost everyday. Once you have it, you soon will be in need of it less or not at all.

Medical Aid along with Insurance I believe has a secret contract with Murphy's law. I speak from experience that when I did not have medical aid my kids were sick every second week, which had me piled up in medical bills. Finally, finding the right affordable medical aid which covered the day-to-day doctor’s expenses became a blessing. A year down the line I can count on my fingers how many times the kids actually got sick.


However, the benefit I depend on is the chronic medication which has been covered on a monthly basis so all is not lost. I would rather have medical aid than test that secret bonded contract.


Another example is insurance, had insurance for 11 years. Cancelled it when recession hit everyone to re-adjust ourselves and then conveniently forgetting about it along the way, about 8 months down the line we got burgled. Immediately we reassessed our situation and had household insurance once again and said to ourselves ‘MURPHY’s LAW' strikes again.

So, find out how you can down size your insurance - do you need full comprehensive cover, can you afford it.

If I had known I could downsize then to household and 3rd party cover I would not have cancelled my whole insurance.

We live and learn that paying R780 comprehensive car/household insurance can be brought down to R281.00 that includes household cover as well as 3rd party car insurance.

I Guess In Murphy's Law some cover is better none.



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