Madiba's 93 Birthday wish

By dessquire, 19 July, 2011

MADIBA’S 93rd Birthday

This man of honour, integrity, trust
An example to all, the young and the old
A leader of men, with foresight and vision
A man amongst men – he stands out alone

The price he has paid to uphold his beliefs
Was rewarded in full when he was set free
Apartheid abolished, injustice set right
The freedom of all now equal and one

This man of honour should be followed by all
We should walk in his footsteps and follow his lead
His wisdom and courage our inspiration each day
Acknowledge his birth, his life and his strife

Madiba - today I acknowledge your life
All you have done for your country of birth
For your people, your children, your comrades and friends
For all this I thank you and wish you the best
May God hold you safe in the palm of his hand
And grant you good health as well as long life
May others now learn from the example you set
And follow your lead together as one

© Des Squire July 2011
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