Loss of Corporate Memory/Institutional Knowledge

By johnmarquis, 2 November, 2012

For a long time now I have been watching with growing distress at the destruction of the "Institutional Knowledge" or "Corporate Knowledge" that was always "there", in the company's I dealt with. We have consistantly and without any hesitation as development and training practioners allowed this to happen. Not even a whimper from us.

What compounds this loss of "inherent Knowledge" is that we have not replaced it or even maintained the learning and development that was going on. We have allowed the programmes to become shorter, supposedly more targeted, all because of the supposed cost. Nice short term view, no thought of long term sustainability.

to make matters worse, talking to many of the current management teams that are purely costs driven the saying that comes to mind is "you do not know, what you do not know." There is no context, no understanding, other than its always been like this. Or, this is the way its done. Better yet, we only hire graduates.

Unless we take a seriously hard look at what is going on and start to address the loss of this institutional knowledge, we will carry on as being seen as a cost, and not as an investment. The organisations will continue to make mistakes and increase the risk of untrained staff getting it wrong



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