Lliam and the Lady with the brooms. Our humanness makes a HUGE difference!

By brianvmoore, 19 November, 2014

I have been taking more time to be aware of who is around me, and am taking time to see how I give be more kind and caring. 

Here is another lesson from our 13 year old son Lliam, that has re-awakened this awareness.

I was with him at the bakery, where a beautiful and gracious, 70-something Zulu lady sat with a number of brooms. She was selling them to supplement her meager pension.

As I went into the bakery, she asked me to buy one. I asked how much and she answered R15 (About $1.30). I responded that I had so many at home that I had no need for any more.

She smiled sadly as I went by.

After I had completed my shopping I walked out, and Lliam looked me, squarely in the eye, and said. "We have to buy brooms from this lady." And then stated very clearly, "For R50!"

I saw in his eyes the caring that I have come to associate with his mother, and turned to the lady. "Mama, please choose two brooms for me. I would like to buy them."

"Hawu. Hawu! Siyabonga Jesu 'wami." (Thank you Jesus!) she said and searched for the best brooms. When she brought them to me, I gave her the R50 and told her to keep the change. She was delighted and thanked us profusely.

I then saw the look on Lliam's face. I turned back to the lady and returned a broom and said that she could resell this one, too. As she began to fumble for change, I said that my son would like her to keep the extra broom and the R50.

She began to cry with joy and voiced her happiness over and over again.

On this very special day Lliam once more opened my eyes to simply being human. I cannot allow them to be shut to humanity again.




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