By bronwynnewman, 12 May, 2010

Call the Rain cc has established itself as an innovative training company that uses storytelling in the fight against HIV / Aids . It uses the One Bokkie Story as a methodology in succeeding in encouraging voluntary counselling and testing . Companies such as Daimler Chrysler SA, McCain Foods, SA Metals, Diarybelle and over 50 other companies have used this approach in their peer education programmes. Learning material has been written against unit standards (see below). The HWSETA awarded Call the Rain cc an ISOE grant in 2010. This grant is to be used to capacity life skills facilitators in this unique learning approach, as well as start an entrepreneur programme in the suburb of Victoria Mxenge. A housing settlement built by the South African Homeless Peoples Federation.

What storytellers say about this learning.

“I told a group of cleaning ladies the One Bokkie Story and encouraged them to test. After some time I realized that most of them opened up about the disease and went for the test. One specifically confided in me and told me her status. I felt so good knowing I have changed someone’s life.”

Linky from Daimler Chrysler SA

“My first story I will never forget because in my group after I told the story a person stood up and in front of everyone he said thank you, thank you. I was staring at him, why was he saying thank you? Then he said it was the most beautiful and greatest explanation he has heard about AIDS. My story had really touched his heart. He told the group that we must please go for the test because it is important for everyone to Know their Status, he told us 3 of his family members is also HIV positive and eventually he said he is also HIV positive.”
Sharon from a company in Cape Town

This unique training offer will enable life skills facilitators to offer a peer education training programme with a proven track record the opportunity to reach such results! It will furthermore give opportunity to award the competent learner a certificate of competence worth 23 credits at NQF level 4 ! ( Unit standards are detailed below). Call the Rain has always been commitment to quality training and will therefore provide quality assurance assistance to the life skills facilitator. This will be done by offering an assessment and moderation function under a licensing agreement. Verification of learner work will be done by the HWSETA, and learner details will be submitted to the National Learner Data Base, annually.

This 4 day course will equip the life skills facilitator to teach a learning programme, using proven educational methods which helps the learner build skill in the art of small group facilitation( storytelling) . Certification of learners trained by the life skills facilitator can be done jointly with company logo, the Call the Rain logo, as well as the HWSETA logo.

The outcomes of this learning programme for both trainee life skills facilitator and learners are:

• Increase community awareness and knowledge of STI's and HIV/AIDS in order to assist community members to make more informed decisions about their lives.

• Increase community awareness, knowledge and support of all possible means of prevention.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the procedure and techniques involved in counseling and testing for


• Understand the impact of STI's and HIV/AIDS on vulnerable groups within the community.

• Demonstrate an understanding of treatment, Care and Support of HIV-positive people.

• Promote community discussion of the rights of HIV-positive people and people living with AIDS.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the Health Care sysytem and the Primary Health Care approach.

• Demonstrate an understanding of advocacy principles and processes in the role of assisting stakeholders in compiling advocacy plans.

• Assist in implementing, monitoring and evaluating awareness campaigns arising from advocacy plans.

• Provide basic information about tuberculosis to community members of similar cultural background and mother tongue and to facilitate treatment compliance for the person who has tuberculosis

Trainee Facilitators will receive:

• Facilitator guide

• Learner notes, learner Portfolio of Evidence

• Learning props: Evian graph, Immune system story, transmission flash cards, CD with a power point presentation

• Facilitators will need to spend a day at a community clinic in the Western Cape Metropolis in order to collect evidence in order to be considered competent in this methodology.

• 2 storyteller kits. A kit includes learner notes, laminated story sheet, story cards, a box, whiteboard marker, storyteller badge, prestic, learner notes, learner portfolio of evidence, assessment, moderation, and certification

Learner material

Includes course notes ( printed in full colour ) and a Portfolio of evidence written against the following Unit Standards.

US 114491 Educate and work closely with the community with regard to sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) including Human Immune Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) NQF level 4
( 10 credits)
US 260379 Assist with planning and implementing advocacy campaigns for primary health care NQF level 4 (10 credits)
US 117017: Provide information about Tuberculosis and DOTS NQF Level 1 (3 credits).

As well as a One Bokkie Story toolkit, which includes 27 story pics, small box, whiteboard marker, prestic, name badge, beaded SA broach. Assessment and moderation of learner portfolio, as well as a certificate of competence, if the learner meets the criteria for competence at the annual verification by the HWSETA. This is all included in the unit price see below.

Training dates

Facilitators from NPO’s is FREE

Facilitator form Companies R 1500.00

Licensing agreement R 1 500.00 ( obligatory)

Total cost Companies R3000.00 NPO’s R1500.00

Facilitators are then licensed to buy the Storyteller kits ( learner material) . It is sold at R 550 per unit. This includes a training kit, course notes, POE assessment and moderation
CV of facilitators is a requirement

Completion of the licensing agreement and FULL payment on the first day of learning programme will secure a place in this limited learner, learning programme.

Training venue: The regional offices of the HWSETA, 8th floor Sanbell building, Voortrekker road, Bellville, Western Cape

Dates 24 - 27 May 2010
7 - 10 June 2010

Times 08h30- 16h30

This programme provides a unique opportunity for trainers from Companies, Non Profit Organisational and trainers wanting to enter the HIV/ Aids and life skills training arena to facilitate a learning programme with a proven track record and award learners, with a certificate endorsed by the HWSETA.

Nicolene Rose- Innes: Fax +27 21 9194365, Cell: 0822287354, HWSETA HW 592PA0400072

Email:[email protected]



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