Life is not a video - the participants are real. Treat them with care and respect.


By brianvmoore, 17 November, 2014

I had a great day at my eldest son's school sports day.

I was quite shocked, however, at the behaviour of some of the parents and family.

During the shuttle relays - where numerous kids competed over short distances - kids of all shapes and sizes had a full go at winning for their teams. Every child gave it their all.

Every time an over-weight child - started to run, this group would burst out laughing and jeering. You could see the joy and determination fade in the faces and spirits of these young athletes. This is bullying and sadistic behaviour, at its worst.

After a while I stood in front of the grandstand and told the whole lot of them off, in Zulu and in English. I told them that they had no right to bring a child down, no matter what they looked like.

They stopped. My questions are - "Why did they even think it was right to start such ridiculous behaviour? And how do we stop bullying in schools, when the parents are uncaring bullies themselves?

The strangest thing was when it came to the tug o’ war – the overweight kids in their “anchor” role were suddenly very necessary heroes. And the team supporters were all imploring them to pull harder. To be there for their teams. And the fickle crowd supported the “heavyweights!”

Where will we find a future filled with respect for all? When will parents realize that it is not the kids that will change the World on their own. All forms of prejudice start at the ancestral and parental source.

My kids are affected, by your kids. And yours by mine. 

We, you and I, are responsible to change – to portray a spirit of pure humanness. We raise our youngsters to be responsible, prejudice-free, to be loyal and to be faithful.

It is then up to them to determine how they will be. But it all starts with us.

Make the change. Give them a chance.