Lessons we can learn from the modern American HR director

By liamarus, 19 May, 2014

HR directors are still not as prevalent as they should be in the C-suite of South African companies. For those looking to make the step up to the board, it's worthwhile to learn what it takes to cut it as an HR director and what issues the average HR director faces on a daily basis. In this article, I look at the average modern American HR director to find out what type of individual occupies this position, what issues he or she faces as well as the qualifications this person has.

Who is the average HR director?

According to the Undercover Recruiter:

  • Over 77% of HR directors are female, and
  • Roughly 14% are homosexual males.

Age and intelligence of the average HR director

A survey of the average American HR director shows that:

  • 66% are baby boomers,
  • 21% are Generation X, and
  • 4% are Millenials.

How smart is the average American HR director?

It seems that they aren't as smart as you'd think:

  • Only 52% have a bachelor's degree,
  • Around 14% have done graduate work,
  • About 10% have done post-graduate work, and
  • A staggering 24% have lied on their CVs.

What is the difference in priorities for SA HR directors and their American counterparts?

The biggest issues facing American HR directors are:

  • Rising health-care expenses,
  • The talent war,
  • Big data and talent analytics, and
  • Global risk management.

SA HR professionals are also still seeking solutions for the talent war and still list talent management as a top-five concern. However, big data, talent analytics and global risk management don't seem to feature at all. With cloud technology on the rise and big data being used as leverage to determine workforce needs better, SA HR directors should be placing this in their top five concerns. Also, with the increase of global and mobile workforces, global risk management should be added to SA's top HR concerns.

This article first appeared on HR Pulse.



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