Legend Robbie Jansen dies

By bronwynnewman, 8 July, 2010

Jazz saxophonist Robbie Jansen has died in Cape Town, SABC news reported on Wednesday.

Jansen, born in 1949, died in a Kuils River hospital, where he was being treated for emphysema, and only had about 18 percent of his lung capacity left, CEO of the Western Cape Musicians' Association William Rouzant told the broadcaster.

He was considered by many to be the guru of Cape Jazz, and affectionately knows as the Cape Doctor - after the south-easter - for his blowing skills. Jansen was one of a group of musicians who played on the jazz classic Mannenberg with Dollar Brand, now Abdullah Ibrahim, in 1974.

He played with the bands Pacific Express, Spirits Rejoice, and Workforce and had a stint with fellow musician Basil Coetzee and his band Sabenza. His debut solo was Vastrap Island.

He collapsed into a coma at his Elsies River home in April 2005, but made a "miraculous" recovery almost a month later.



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