Leading into the future - A self study manual by Des Squire

By dessquire, 1 March, 2012

The transition from being a manager who contributes to the ongoing daily running of a business to being the leader others want to follow is a make-or-break time in some careers. This is a period when the manager decided to go for broke by, it is a period of challenge, innovation and doing the unexpected.

This 140 page manual consisting of 9 Modules, 36 stand alone lessons and 9 workplace related projects helps you identify your priorities and to learn the essential everyday skills you need to ensure your success. It will teach you how to develop strong interpersonal relationships with key individuals while at the same time building a happy and empowered team. Use it, apply its lessons and you will thrive as a new leader.

The manual has 140 pages of practical everyday self study material. Leading into the Future will assist you in making some personal and challenging career changes.

By making use of this self study manual you will

Start building the new skills, many don’t have but managers need

Develop strong interpersonal relationships needed to make a lasting and impactful success of your career

Identify key personal objectives, and build on your unique strengths

Create a personalised but challenging plan for making a real success of the critical stages of your career

Learn How to Become a Respected Leader in Your Industry

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