By mlungisigibson…, 12 September, 2013



South Africa is experiencing a major shortage in terms of well trained and practically skilled project managers.

This has prompted both private and public sectors to direct huge investments in project management training. It is of no surprise to see many learning institutions ‘chasing the buck’ by offering non-accredited and unstructured project management learning programmes.

The main difference between an accredited and non-accredited learning programs is that the accredited one will give you a "CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE' while a non-accredited one will give you a 'CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION or ATTANDANCE' According to the latest Services SETA database there are only five accredited project management learning programme providers in South Africa and KBS Technologies is one of those very few accredited providers.

KBS Technologies training methodologies provide the ‘know how to do the job skills' through more than twenty (20) years experience in managing multi-million rands projects. I challenge you not to check the name of the institution but the  accreditation status of the learning programs that they offer.

For more information about KBS Technologies visit our website: www.kbstraining.yolasite.




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