Is it your truth or the meaning you attach to your words that works?


By kgatelopelemakua, 5 August, 2010

Tap to the Power of the Meaning Factor.

After having taken many actions, done that and tried many methods and still things do not work out your desired outcomes. One get so much passionate and deeply involved in helping people is either your beloved partner, child, employee, a learner, a client, a relative, a friend or even yourself to be able to produce best-desired outcomes in many ways, you probably have asked yourself questions like these: why they or I cannot produce the real desired outcomes.

Perhaps you had many answers and you know those more common ones. Let me share few with you here.

Doubting yourself maybe saying something like this:

Is it because, one lacks knowledge but I think you and I have come across many people who got knowledge and never archived anything in life. Asking the same question further more, is it because one is a failer but we have many failers doing well in failing but often getting certain things right that you and I struggle to make happen.

Once and for all march-up with the genius that dwells within you and say: I m part and parcel of the higher understanding I may not know but I was born a genius that is capable of understanding the unknowns and deep within me there is that part of me that is going to find a way out.

Undermining yourself maybe saying something like this:

Is it because, one is a stupid but somehow in some certain moments in our lives we act stupid and got things right somewhere and we are still acting stupid to get things right somehow in some certain way that we are currently not aware of; though does stupidity exist?

Infect you will do well once you embrace the silent insights that dwells within you and say: I may be uncertain on how to go about this in this little moment. Nevertheless, this is only temporary and it is actually the most powerful way that will enable my genius to reveal the best that I m yet to become in the next moment.

Playing a blaming game on God maybe saying something like this:

Is it because God is not on ones side but you and I have seen many undesirable things that happened right in Gods presents. Moreover, we have come across many people doing good things in life but never got anywhere. And even polishing it up by saying; the devil is after ones success but you and I have seen so many people trying to do devils work but not getting successful.

Be godly and say; Yes! I m part of the source, I m made of that generated the sub atomic particles thus I m a co-creator and this is my godly way of reconnecting with the source I originate from in order to unfold more possibilities.

Logically, maybe the devil is so stupid up to an extant that he is denying one to succeed in producing wonderful things while on the other hand getting those who want to do terrible things not succeed as well.

You make your truth in this life, and the truth of a matter is whatever outcome in whatever you working on it’s so valuable, as it gives you direction and guide you on how to go about things that you working on. Alternatively, put it the other way round wherever is happening in your life it is indeed taking you to the best that you have to be.

Yours is to flow down the stream.

Therefore, if the above statements motivates one to carry on until they produces their desired outcomes, then someone can say that motivation is a way of telling ourselves lies that eventually get us to produce our desired outcomes, which I think is a wonderful way of lying to ourselves for the good purpose. So most of us do lie to ourselves that we are not good at certain things, we are failers that we are stupid, that god dislikes us or the devil is against us, we say all these sorts of things when not producing our desired results. The power to make it or break it is in the meaning you give to whatever you going through in life. Now it is the best choice to tell yourself the best lie ever, which will forever empower you, rather than to have a lousy lie that will forever destroy you. Any way the mind does not know left and right you tell your mind which one is your right and left. Your mind gets instructions from you, that you are capable or incapable to produce certain results.

The meaning you give to life is the life you creating for yourself. With your own words that you use to mean what you saying, you shut down your ability to do something and you open up the floods gate of your ability to do something. The meanings you give to life work more effectively than what you think is true or lie, the meaning you give to life shapes your world. Tap to the Power of the Meaning Factor.