By bronwynnewman, 5 June, 2009

Thinking back +- 13 years, How I wish I was and probably a million others back then, more educated on Learnerships, Bursaries etc.

If only we were given coaching and mentoring and career guidance in depth with follow-ups. We went once to UWC for an open day and it was wonderful. I wanted to become a marine biologist I made up my mind and I was focused and ready. What happened? I was young and had not motivated to pursue my dreams, family had no provisions for my funding to study. All was not lost, I then applied at the navy, thinking I could do marine biology through them. My timing was against me Affirmative Action kicked in and I was not accepted.

I therefore became another statistic filled with disappointment. That did not stop me, I then decided to do a computer course at Access International Computer Training to get my foot in the door of the corprate world, a world so new to me. I think over the years I have completed my own personal learnership (so to speak) with all I have been taught and learned and the courses I have been on. Only difference is, it is not recognised by anyone but me.

So what I have done, is taken out a Educational funding scheme for my children to go to the University of Cape Town, Accredited College or any Training Institutions to further their dreams. I may not have made it to walk through those corridors, but i will make sure I am my children's Mentor and Coach and I will give them the best Career guidance possible.

With wonderful new portals like and Skills-universe and - I will become the perfect teacher for my kids' careers. Information is just a GOOGLE away.

My Mentor, My Friend

Thank you for allowing me
the opportunity
to learn from you
when I was seeking so much knowledge
when I was asking many questions
you patiently listened and answered accordingly
never showing signs of frustration

Thank you for taking the time
to show me the necessary skills today
that will lead me with confidence into tomorrow
for believing in me and having enough faith
to share your work
your dreams
and your vision

Thank you for accepting me as I am
with all my eagerness
and my sheer joy over the little things...
you never tried to squelch that spirit in me
Instead, you have encouraged that spirit
and for that, I do thank you

I realized the knowledge I need for work can be learned anywhere,
taught by most anyone
but the life skills I needed that go along with it...
well, that would have to be taught by a very unique individual
with a very special gift for giving
a gift of patience and understanding
that someone is you, my Mentor
and now, my friend

© Theresa Genter



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