ICTE Week 6 - 10 September 2010

By sylviahammond, 20 July, 2010

The Isett will be participating in this week - promoting the Isett Seta Sector Career Guide.


The Sci-Bono Discovery Centre invites your organisation to participate in the ICTE Careers Focus Week. The Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is an initiative of the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) whose aim is to promote scientific literacy to support the GDE’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths strategy through curriculum focused learning and teaching, educator training and support.


In September 2006, the Gauteng Provincial Government launched the Gauteng Human Resource Development Strategy (GHRDS) to drive human resource development in Gauteng with a focus on developing and managing the skills pipeline in the ICTE, Engineering and Finance sectors. The Sci-Bono Discovery Centre was subsequently mandated by the Gauteng Department of Education, the Gauteng City Region Academy and the Office of the Premier to implement a GHRDS awareness raising campaign through activities and events that will promote career awareness in the three key priority clusters by targeting learners in the FET band, out-of-school learners as well as the general public.

The ICTE Careers Week targets Grade 10 - 12 learners as well as out-of-school youth and forms part of the many career and skills development focused events and activities that are being undertaken by Sci-Bono to promote the GHRDS.


The world and especially South Africa is experiencing critical skills shortages in the ICTE sector. The aim of the ICTE Week is to facilitate learner and industry inter-phase and provide a catchment opportunity for the industry as well as the learners. It is hoped that the interaction will not only highlight to learners the centrality of Maths and Science employed in ICTE and the extent of Mathematical prowess employed in the sector, but also to provide a platform for industry to showcase to learners how the ICTE sector affects their day to day living.


Motivational and industry insight talks – talks by role models, preferably young and recently qualified professionals in the critical skills categories to motivate learners to pursue careers in insurance, how they succeeded in their studies and training, emphasise the centrality of Maths and Science, skills required for successful workplace integration;

Mini workshops or talks - which provide in-depth insights or a roadmap about the ICTE sector, fundamental streams in ICT - hardware & software applications/ info communication and management; ICTE usage in the broader economy; ICTE career streams real life applications of ICTE in the broader economy from insurance, banking, financial services, government, health, manufacturing, mining, and retail using “in the face” examples such as telecommunications broadcasts for the 2010 World Cup; road, rail and marine logistics, GIS applications in the aerospace/aviation industry, etc

Information stands and materials by companies – A range of companies are

invited to provide information and advice on career opportunities, recruitment and bursaries, learnerships and internship opportunities available in their respective companies, as well as take-away information brochures and pamphlets for learners;

Field trips for learners/educators to industries in the ICTE sector – companies to host site visits for learners or educators which are intended to give insights to the visitors (educators & learners) about the inner workings of the workplace and how the various careers, especially the critical skills, play out in the world of work.


The following commitment is requested from your organization in order to make a success of the ICTE Careers Focus Days:

1. An exhibition through an information stand that provides information about your organization including career streams, entry requirements, operations and bursary information if available.

2. Company representatives to provide company specific information by interacting with learners in breakaway sessions.

3. Role models from your company to give presentations/workshops to learners and teachers on the ICTE industry and its opportunities.

4. Your company to host a group of learners/educators to provide insights into the inner workings of the industry and your company as well as the ethos and competencies required for successful functioning in the workplace.

We look forward to your company participating in the event. Please find attached a form for confirmation of participation. Otherwise please feel free to contact:

Phelelia Sekele

[email protected]

Voice: 011 639 8400

Fax: 011 832 3360

Mobile: 082 442 5233



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