How to get your employees excited for work

By chantelharris, 12 July, 2016

Get your employees excited to come to work by creating more opportunities for what they do best. Doing what you deem is your best work yet ultimately becomes the key to job satisfaction. Making your employees excited for work shouldn’t feel like a chore. One of the key elements for job excitement isn’t changing their tasks, it’s making tasks more bearable by changing their mindset.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

A great amount of time goes into spending time at the office, therefore it’s important to make the office environment as friendly and appealing as possible. Even those employees who are taking up extra bookkeeping courses to progress themselves need  a little extra motivation. By creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for your employees, they will be more inclined go to work every day. Create a space that isn’t too cramped. If they have freed up space to move around, they are more likely to feel happier.

Ensure the temperature in the office isn't set to be too hot or too cold. The aircon either being too hot or set too cold creates an unpleasant atmosphere. Your employees will be less motivated if they're freezing or too hot and can't focus on tasks at hand.

Take advantage of your walls

If employees aren’t spending time looking at their screens or looking up at each other, they’re looking at the bare walls around them. Wall space is a great way to grab their attention and build team morale. Put up a bulletin board where people can post pictures, birthday cards and any relevant information. Give them something to smile about whenever walking past the bulletin board as this will make them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Use snacks as an incentive

Food has always been used to bring people together. That being said, don’t underestimate the power of snacks in the office. Good food makes people happy and puts them in a great mood. Set up a monthly breakfast for all employees or bring in cronuts to the office at least once a week. Create a festive environment through food, but do remember to stock healthy options as well.

Take time out to let your team know they are doing excellent work as a collective unit. This will indicate that you appreciate all their effort and work they put into making the company great. Taking a few minutes out of your day to praise your employees for good teamwork can motivate them to always do their best.



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