How to get out of a work rut

By chantelharris, 23 August, 2016

Are you feeling a bit sluggish lately? Have you reached a point where you feel directionless and unmotivated to work? If you’re only going through the motions of the day it may be time for you to wake up and get out of this work rut. You completed your sales and marketing courses, you’ve worked six years at the same company and now you find yourself feeling bummed out by it all. You can become more engaged and satisfied with your work life by following these easy steps.

Where does it stem from?

Identify the source of this feeling of being stuck in a work rut. Not only is this an emotional challenge, but a mental one too. If you can change the course of your thoughts you may be able to get out of your rut. Perhaps you’re not in the right field or you’re stuck in a toxic work environment. It may even be a personal problem which is climbing over into your work life. Not many are aware of this but your physical well being also plays a major role in your emotional well being. The problem may be fatigue or poor health practices. By being able to identify the cause of the problem, you will be able to find the best suited solution.

Try something different

Monotonous work practices may be the main reason why you’re feeling directionless and sluggish at work. When you decide to change things up at work you’ll find yourself feeling physically and mentally refreshed. Trying new things at work can range from exploring different routes from your home to the office, having a meeting while walking, changing your everyday routine, find new ways to do mundane tasks, take two minute breaks every 40 minutes. Take a walk and give yourself time to stretch during this break.

Set new goals

Take a step back and revisit your initial reasons for entering into your career field. Perhaps as the years went by, your personal goals aren’t aligned with your lifestyle goals anymore. By setting new goals you’ll be able to once more feel excited about where you are in life as you tick each goal off your list. Instead of moving upward in your field, you may need to reconnect with your strengths and passions. By doing so it may require you to to make a sideways move in your organisation.



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