By bronwynnewman, 26 May, 2009

I opened my personal email account to check my mail. To my surprise i received 4 emails from so called recruiting companies requesting my CV, a good copy of my ID, as well as any other documents, such as certificates and / or reference letters, that can support my application.

The scary thought is, Firstly i have not applied for any positions and secondly it is not so long ago i read on the Skills- Universe about this recruiting scam. Now my question is: how did they get my email? An who are they? I have noticed they all have this link when i investigated it, it gave me an error message reading "There was an error when you subscribed Please try again or email us: You have already been validated". Validated for what?

So i am gonna do what i do best DELETE and EMPTY my email box.

It annoys me receiving these emails and i would like to find the PAPA SMURF behind it.

I must give a BIG thank you to Denise Mc Creadie for the WARNING he gave on Skills- Universe.



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