How not to anger your employees


By chantelharris, 29 October, 2015

Company culture is very important. Want to know what’s bad for company culture? Annoying your employees. Follow these simple rules (and others like them) so you don’t run the risk of alienating your most important resource.

Don’t have favourites

It is human nature to like some people more than others, but don’t show favouritism between your employees. Even if you do like some more than others, try not to let it show. That is a short road to resentment and contempt.

Be responsive

Return phone calls and respond to emails. It sets a bad precedent for the communication in the office if you are not responsive.

Don’t yell at your employees

Yelling might make things happen quickly now, but it has negative consequences for the future and it breeds an uncomfortable working environment. If yelling is the only way things get done than you need to seriously reevaluate the corporate culture.

Be straightforward

People need to know where they stand at all times. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can keep them on their toes by sending mixed messages. Too many conflicting messages and initiatives will just confuse your employees.

Understand your employees have a personal life

No one wants to work for a slave driver. Demanding that your employees continuously put work in front of anything else is not going to drive up your productivity. It’s going to make unhappy, discouraged employees and quality of work will suffer in the long run.

Don’t mess with their paycheck

This one should go without saying but we are going to mention it anyway. Whatever you do, don’t come between employees and their paycheck. Don’t just not pay them. Make sure you are paying them on time, every month. Set up debit orders so there is little chance for error or omission.

Smile and laugh

It’s okay to have some fun. If employees can see that their seniors can let loose sometimes and have fun that will smooth over many other small grievances and annoyances.

And remember that it’s okay to laugh at yourself as well. It humanises you.