How mentoring is essential to business

By chantelharris, 3 November, 2015

There are many strategies to get a business to work well as there are businesses. Yet, key to all business, is being able to succeed and grow - which only happens when the people who make the business do so. A key way to aid this is to focus on making those who already are part of the business into more competitive and skilled than they are right now.

Ideally, we’d want employees to be the best anyway - but considering there are always areas to grow, this means we should rather have employees willing to go further. To do this, we should be creating environments where employees are testing themselves, pushing boundaries and testing their skills in increasingly challenging settings. If they’re passionate about their skills, employees will be doing extra work in their off-time, finding avenues to explore their talents in new and exciting ways. This in turn benefits us, since they bring this variety and increasing skill back to the offices.

But another way might be mentoring. Mondaq notes: “business mentoring is a process that activates the skills of the mentee within their current role and helps groom them for their next.” It helps those being mentored to produce good decisions and outcome that help define them and their place in the business, their authority and their effectiveness.

Forbes’ Martin Zwilling notes that “mentoring, as well as other personal development activities, can quickly increase anyone’s value and income in business.” The University of Miami School of Business Administration agrees:

“in today’s complex business environment, mentoring may be more important than ever, particularly when that relationship occurs between members of the same organization. Research shows it’s an extremely effective way for people to develop new skills, navigate diverse companies and understand how to deal with people and problems.A good mentoring relationship benefits the mentor, the protégée and the overall organization.”

This means business coaching and mentoring should be an essential part of any business; since it creates better employees which means creating better business.




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