By drkingcosta, 26 November, 2017

Becoming an Effective Management Meta-Coach!

The aim is to develop an individual’s performance by unlocking their capabilities through guided conversation and questioning. The participation of the individual being coached (the coachee) in arriving at solutions is an essential part of the coaching process.

We are talking about something different to one way instruction, advising, or providing answers. A coach does not provide answers to specific problems by themselves, as such. They don't teach or instruct. Instead they work with the coachee as a facilitator helping to raise awareness through analysis and reflection, and therefore enabling the person being coached to formulate their own ideas and solutions.

A good coach should be able to develop a powerful relationship with the person being coached based on honest and truthful dialogue, challenging perceptions and behaviour in a safe and secure environment.

In coaching of this kind the focus will be on the individual’s performance in the context of the performance of the organisation overall, raising awareness of their importance in and impact on the wider business. Because coaching involves the participation of the coachee, finding their own solutions and agreeing the actions they will take, it drives deeper and more lasting behavioural change.

You can enrol today and get involved in this fulfilling discipline. You can apply here:…/coaching-certification-…



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