How do I register with a Seta as a Moderator?

For clarity sake:

  • The SETA’s do not register moderators through their own RPL process, only an ETP SETA accredited provider with the moderator programme scope can do that, so in answer to your question you will have to do a moderators course.
  • There is no way of registering as a moderator without a declaration of competence as a moderator. Once you have achieved your moderator qualification (plus importantly your declaration of competence from the ETDP SETA)  you will be able to apply to be registered as a moderator in your areas of proven expertise with whichever SETA is relevant to the training provider that you are working in conjunction with.
  • Proven expertise includes having a qualification in the learning area or qualification focus that you wish to moderate in.
  • Practical work experience in that specific qualification area is also included as good motivation to demonstrate proven expertise. Most SETA’s look at both aspects.
  • Those aspects coupled with your statement of results as a moderator from the ETDP SETA should secure your moderator registration.
  • Based on your experience and varied expertise coupled with your qualifications and experience that you should be able to register successfully.
  • If you are working in a number of different areas or sectors then by all means register in a number of areas, that would be a more business oriented decision, in terms of where you market your services and would like to market your services.

I hope that provides you with some direction. Good luck with it all.

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