By brianvmoore, 28 September, 2012

We started our pro-bono Dream Dynasty programme at Centenary Secondary School, in Durban on Wednesday 25/9/2012.

The Dream Dynasty – Focusing on the Dream in Education

Aims of the Dream Dynasty

  1. To build highly-prepared, well-supported, values-based and mentored dream-focused school leavers – who know what they want from life and know how to get it.
  2. To create a safe and empowering learning environment in which learners, educators, support team and parents can grow and develop.

Our first focus was to build the teacher/ admin team in terms of teamwork, unity and skills. We have many lessons learned and stories to tell, but the first request has been for help - with difficult learners.

The question is "How do we work with difficult learners?"

Can any of you guide us, or link us up with people, who can do so? The safer and easier we can make the lives of educators - the better for our youth.

For more on the programme, please visit our blog. (

If you can help, want more information, or know someone - please contact me directly on [email protected], or call 079 643 4457.

Kind regards

Brian V Moore
Managing Director

Celebrating Humanity International



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