By dessquire, 3 September, 2009

Freedom of choice is everyone’s right
A God given right to be used as desired
The right to decide on all of life’s issues
A right to be used with care and discretion

Freedom of choice is your right to choose
To choose between what’s right and what’s wrong
A God given right to act as you choose
You have the right - you make the choice

The act of choosing – between two or more
Select as desired then act as deemed fit
The power rests with you - nobody else
You make the choice so you take the blame

Sex is for love, it should not be abused
Sex before marriage, a choice you must make
Unwanted children result from mistakes
Think of the offspring - think of their rights

HIV/AIDS results from wrong choices
The choice to say yes - the choice to say no
The choice of protection, or just your self greed
The choice of forced entry – is sex without love

Think of your choices before any act
Think of your choices before you have sex
Think of others who are part of your life
Think of yourself and your right to choose

Don’t be a victim of incorrect choices
You know what’s right - do the right thing
Don’t be deceitful, don’t lie to your self
Do what is right – make the right choice

© Des Squire 2009



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