Help please with a Personnel Management assignment

By blessingmachiwana, 2 April, 2012

Hie guys,i have a Personnel  Management assignment at school.In groups of  five,we  are expected to approach a company to  gather information about:

1(a)Background of that company(10 marks)

2(a)How do managers motivate employees(20  marks)

  (b)Challenges that managers face in motivating   employees(20  marks)

  (c)Solutions to these challenges(20  marks).

In this assignment we are required to  draft  some questions  which  we are going to ask the  Human Resources Department of that  company.We compiled enough questions about the background,for which we are going to ask questions about(the founder,year introduced,vision and hence mission,products/services offered,target customers,type of ownership,past  successes,future plans,etc).

The problem is on the other parts,we are not having enough questions to ask and in what way are we going to ask them so that we aquire detailed information.Please help!!!



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