Hard work Pays off!

By bronwynnewman, 25 May, 2012

I just got such an amazing phone call from my mom, and i have the need to share.

She starts work at 8am but gets to work at 6:30am, she is always available to work overtime when needed be.

She told me that the other staff members always tells her she is mad to work so hard and to start work so early.

My mom is a very appreciative person. She had a slight stroke a few years ago and had to quit her previous very stressful job. Through physical reabilitation she was able to re-apply for work after about a year of being home and unemployed. 

I guess experiencing things in life draws you closer to how thankful and precious everything and everyone is around you. One should never take anything for granted.

Well, ladies, the hardworking mom, who does not complain and always has a cheerful smile and an appreciative approach just got a nice fat bonus and a great incentive bonus to top that.

WOW! whose laughing now.

It is calls like these that always reminds me,  hard work and dedication does not go unrecognised.

Well Done mom :)

Happy working everyone!




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