By moegsienharris1, 26 August, 2010

It stands to reason that most government officials, politicians and labour representatives have never been an entrepreneur, and will therefore never understand what make sustainable economic growth & development shift in positive gear.

It will only be at that stage of their lives, when they participate in production activity will they come to realise what the real ingredients are to leadership, strategy and processes. Educating the masses through formal theory processes (academic exercises) does very little in stimulating a stagnant economy or creating the building blocks for developing useful entrepreneurs. It is fascinating, however disappointing how a few "black" people are being used as "porn" in business, (Employment Equity, Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, and the latest Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) in order for a few wealthy capitalist to hold onto power. I support all of the legislation that our democratic government have put in place, but the how we do it remains the issue of contention. The how we do and implement our programmes must minimise the risk of splitting or dividing our society into "US and THEM".

Stimulating entrepreneurship or growing an economy has no boundaries of restricting people based on ethnicity, culture, denominations, age etc. Infact entrepreneurship and sustainable growth and development require real talented leadership that grow out of love, care, support, empathy, honesty, sincerity, commitment and the likes of utilising human capital and other resources to the benefit of growing a loving and caring society. The only barriers are respect for humanity, nature, other animals and species, and the environment.

We can hardly continue on a path of disaster when it is clear that we are retarding socio- economic growth & development. We need to start looking seriously at our morals, values, and building on culture transformation by utilising knowledge acquired, formulating strategy and processes, do proper research in economic growth (nationally and globally) and impact on our own environment, finance, marketing, governance issues etc. and to start building on what we have.

Government tend to match the training & development of our human capital with a stagnated economy that can hardly afford opportunities for new entrants into our economy, and a heavy pressure sectors of commerce and industry that are at best reducing (retrenching) their human capital. Let's face reality, no jobs nor opportunities are created, nor can we match our national skills development plan with economic growth. We have very frustrated "striking" people out there with little hope of achieving any economic growth for themselves and their families.

We really need to revive focus on sustainable economic growth by placing some focus and emphasis on leadership and entrepreneurship development with no inhibitions or distinction between races, culture etc. as factors that drive our economic growth to distruction. There must be a free flow of competent human capital who can in a responsible manner utilise the rich resources of our land to the benefit of developing the broader South african Society. Training of leaders and entrepreneurs with a culture of good morals, values, empathy and concern for all of creation require all of us to reach out to one another, to look outside "of the box" and to build on what we have.

Training & developing our human capital is not going to succeed by looking at academic exercises, learnership and formal training, but also to give attention to those success skills programmes in economics, marketing, human capital development etc. that is not based on credit bearing, formal certification, diplomas and degrees, but on practical training and development that takes place through strategy and processes that support our human capital to produce high quality goods, morals, values and principles that will make a positive contribution to human capital growth and socio-economic growth and development. Government need to show its muscle and commitment to building an efficient, effective and competent nation that does not require to support striking employees who really believe that their human dignity, morals and values will be better served through action that make us all poorer at the end of the day. Let us influence government to also support skill programmes that are non credit bearing, but have added a lot of value to commerce and industry and the people that it served. Knowledge of the mind and that of the emotions of the heart that finds satisfaction through developing action plans for people to be properly educated in their places of work. We can no longer allow incompetent and inefficient people to run the machineries of provincial and local government, entities of state and critical businesses supporting our economy, especially senior office bearers who have very little skills and competencies in their important positions that they hold. It has now become a national embarrassment of senior office bearers that are fired and suspended for their flagrant disregard to governance, responsibilities and accountabilities.




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