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Do you need services of MictSeta or ServicesSeta Assessor? Below is my scope

1. National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing Level 3

Attached QCTO Memorandum, now extending SDP accreditations until 1 May 2022.

Good day colleagues,

Compliments of the season to all.

Can someone please advise are we cont the struggle with the Setas especially ETDP SETA.Another year?Are we going to continue with the same ???? They don't answer phones,emails etc. We are the public and we need this service from them in order to continue what we do. Can someone please advise when will they be opening for 2022.What is do disappointing an unacceptable is the fact that top management does not even respond if you complain to them. SO WHERE ARE WE GOING WITH THIS SETA???

I want to just say Happy New Year to all my friends and colleagues on sklls Universe. May 2022 be 100 times better than 2021 for all. Be blessed in everyway possible, my your business grow from strentgth to strength. Stay safe and above all keep the faith and do not give up. God Bless you all.

Do you know what it is like to be sitting without employment because the authority which has supported your livelihood for many years, suddenly and without warning or justifiable cause, withdraws that support?

Do you understand the repercussions of a 20-year-old business suddenly under threat of closure due to the same authority suffering delays, implementing unannounced and unreasonable requirements, not to mention operating an IT system which after 8 months lacks proper function?

Apparently not.

If you are a skills development provider, who has experienced frustration in dealing with QCTO on accreditation, then this is your chance to make a difference - by participating in this research project.

Good morning colleagues

If you are accredited with W&R SETA and would like to explore possible partnerships, please contact me so that we can look at how we can work together.

Thank you

Members may wonder why I chose to put this report into the SDF group. It's because in previous Foodbev Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA) meetings on preparation of the Sector Skills Plan (SSP), I have raised questions about why there is no mention of packaging, and the related occupations.

It is clear to me every time I buy food that we have packaging quality issues. You can think of your own examples.

Are you up to date with your requirements under:
Protection of Personal Information ACT (POPIA) &
Protection of Access to Information Act (PAIA)

Please see attached for details of this must-attend Webinar by Information Regulator.

Dear all

Is anyone able to assist with the interpretation of the attached disaster management regulations that were published yesterday? It advises that all Higher Education Institutions will need to close on the 30th of June. Would this include Skills Development and Training Providers?All SDPs would desperately want to continue with operations,but we need to ensure that we are allowed to.Perhaps someone has received additional information or communication


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