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Validation of forklift license

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    Nonceba Mazibuko

    Afternoon All

    Kindly assist need more information regarding issuing of forklift licenses. We just found out that the provider we were using was not registering the learners with the relevant Seta so now meaning the certificates provided are not accredited certificates and now we are worried about forklift licenses issued if they are considered valid or there a place where we can check and verify if the licenses are valid.

    Thanking you in advance

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    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Nonceba,
    The required process is that the provider is required to train and assess learners, upload details and results to TETA, carry out internal moderation followed by external moderation to verify results. A provider may only issue a Certificate once the External Moderator has verified and endorsed the results in order for the Certificate to be valid. If the Learner details have not been uploaded, there is a possibility that these results have been neither internally nor externally moderated which means that TETA have not endorsed results.

    Unfortunately there are any number of providers flying under the radar when it comes to lifting machine training, rather unethically being paid for “Certification” services that are invalid. The popular route of selecting a training provider based on price makes this a lucrative business for these providers as their costs are generally much lower than those of compliant providers who offer service of value.

    In your circumstances where results have not been uploaded, the Certificate issued has no value. Your options are to reclaim the money spent on this invalid Certification from the non-compliant provider and have the operators retrained by a compliant and credible training provider, or alternatively you can require the Operators be trained by an accredited, compliant provider of your choice at the cost of the non-compliant provider.

    Our TETA ETQA Manager is currently putting processes in place to reduce the effect of these non-compliant providers. Unfortunately their website for searching Accredited Providers is currently under maintenance, but once operational, is a good place to first check if a provider is accredited. You would then have to question any selected provider regarding uploading results and their moderation processes. If a provider issues a Certificate within a few days of assessing the Operator, you can virtually guarantee that they are not following the correct process.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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