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Theory of Dependency : Emerging Providers burden to fully emerge …

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    Ever tried to look upon the Theory of Dependency in relation to Emerging BBBEE Providers in Education and Training? 


    When I look at the conduct that Emerging Providers are subjected to, I tend to believe in the Dependency theory, believing that challenges and even lack of resources of the providers within the periphery is not because they are not integrated into the Education and Training system, or not ‘fully’ integrated as is often argued by free market “know-it-all” (self-proclaim experts), but because of how they are integrated into the system.


    These Emerging Providers provide resources, cheap labour, a destination for obsolete technology, and markets for the “More and Longer Established” Provider or Imperialistic free agent, without which the latter could not have the standard of living they enjoy and the status, they depicted themselves. “Longer Established” Providers actively perpetuate a state of dependence by various means.


    These influences are multifaceted and, what I hate the most of these Providers and the members, is the clear evidence of such in our Education and Training Development. “Longer Established” Providers actively and consciously counter attempts by dependent Emerging Providers to resist their influences by means of fixing prices and to make it impossible to fully emerge. They prefer for the Emerging Provider to be bound and enslaved by them.


    Conclusion : Even Consultants is taking the routes these days of enslaving Providers to their Services – to do just enough, but not everything … to ensure the Emerging Provider have to return, and then working out what the Consultant needs to get by and therefore the Emerging Providing paying the bill of the Consultant way of living.


    And then we ask why Education and Training is in a mess and look upon Government but the culprits of destroying our Education and Training System are the greediness within ourselves. .

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    Leon du Plessis

    It is so unfortunate and sad that this is the situation that the Education and Training System finds itself in. I fail to understand why the more established Training Providers seemingly prefer to keep the sun back from shining on the Emerging Providers. Prior and since our accreditation with the Servises Seta – the process started late 2011 – we have been contacting, approaching  and discussing   possible new business opportunities through creating some form of agreement (networking/associating) with a number of stakeholders inclusive of more established providers and material developers.

    It soon became clear to us that our ideas/efforts did not appeal to all – mostly for the same reasons as mentioned in the posting “Theory of Dependancy………”

    Hopefully one day we will learn to change our attitude of “everyting for ourselves” to a win-win approach.


    Leon, maybe you should give me a call on this 079 262 4870, since I am open for venture’s wtih newly establish Providers. Remember the first time we spoke early in 2010, then we were still residingin the Free State, we have re-allocated to Cape Town. So maybe we should meet up and discuss such ideas.

    The  Theory of Dependancy is much alive in Education and Training / Skills Development.

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