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    Ivor Blumenthal

    We will be hosting an hourly “Education and Work” radio show from this Tuesday from 3 to 4 pm on 101.9 FM (also DSTV Streaming) for Training Providers, Assessors and Moderators and SDF’s.

    The content, including the phone-in’s will be packaged and are intended to be syndicated to community radio stations in each Province from October.

    I welcome and encourage you to phone in on the issues so that together we can build an interactive and involved community. Each month two of the sessions will be devoted to Career Guidance issues per Industry we are involved with within our scope at the Services SETA.

    I will obviously take our guide on content from issues discussed on the Skills-Universe and look forward to suggestions as to topics and guests to be interviewed from you directly.

    The phone-in number is 0861242436

    This Tuesday we will be covering the issue of ISOE’s as it applies in various SETA’s in-terms of our NSDS II targets and the difference between Company, Industry, Provincial and National ISOE models. We want to look at how specifically Providers can benefit from being associated with an ISOE’s. I also want to profile this website and all of the opportunities presented to those who subscribe. I think that you are doing a wonderful job and want your successes highlighted.

    In future shows we will be looking at issues such as ESDA’s and Group Training Organisations comparing the SA model to that of Australia’s. We want to focus on SDF training and CPD activities and so many other issues directly relevant to what you do. As far as Assessors and Moderators are concerned we have a special show planned to discuss your relevance to Industry and plan to cover the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors in that show.

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