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    Members would have seen the request to complete the survey for Higher Health posted yesterday. I was asked why I posted it.

    Long story short – when things go wrong/awry is when one has a chance to make a difference.

    Cynthia Reynders the Association of Private Providers of Education Training & Development (APPETD) Chief Executive officer (CEO) has agreed that she will include comments in her COVID-19 presentation to Higher Health – about the private Small Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) providers. I agreed to provide her with information.

    My point to Cynthia (she agrees) is that APPETD represent large private providers – they may be national or even international. She agrees that she represents over 50% of large providers.

    So in our legislation APPETD is serving on the National Skills Authority (NSA) – but the private SMME providers are not represented. So clearly Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) do not receive information about the private SMME training sub sector. Even acknowledging that there is a sub sector is a major step forward.

    We have a registered professional body – Association for Skills Development in South Africa (ASDSA).

    We have national departments promoting development of SMMEs but the SMME training space is not being accommodated.

    So now is your chance – what do you want me to put into a document to Cynthia (short – key points).

    And please take the time to complete the survey – distributed yesterday.
    Come on people – we are all hectically busy & pressured by the current situation – let’s make something positive out of it.

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    Lynel Farrell

      Hi Sylvia, the message was, that the survey(s) must be completed by 11:00am this morning. I attempted for a couple of hours to get more providers on board. I have heard nothing from APPETD, so I hope it helped.


      Hi Lynel, well everything else that is supposed to happen is late – so well worth a shot even though late. 😉

      Linda Ingram

        Hi Sylvia.

        I understand that you have been in communication with the APPETD CEO through all this. I would however also like to state that APPETD does not only represent the “large private providers”. APPETD has many small providers who are gaining benefit from their membership – in particular over this time where we have managed to have their concerns raised in high profile meetings.

        As you are aware the survey was given to people to circulate which we did. In EVERY meeting, including various Board meetings that we have attended, we have highlighted the plight of the SDPs.

        I would however like to compliment the manner in which you and Lynel are always quick to get the communication out in Social Media. We are all working hard to make a difference and support the providers (in ANY way we can) and will continue to do so.

        Please join us if you can on the Coffee Chat sessions we will be hosting from next week. It’s all on the APPETD Facebook site.


        Linda Ingram

          Just to add: The APPETD CEO (Cynthia Reynders), and APPETD Board members – Dr Shirley Lloyd and Ms Samantha Naidoo will be joining me on Monday at a meeting with Higher Health to discuss higher education and further education in our sector. We are hoping that something positive comes from this and will keep you informed.

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