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      Lizeth de Villiers

      Our Company has identified the need for a central online platform where , facilitators,assessors, moderators and training providers can register and advertise their services/skills.
      It has become clear that many companies that go through the process of accreditation and offering quality education gets under quoted by the “fly by night” companies with fake credentials. Same applies to registered/accredited facilitators, assessors and moderators that invested a lot of time and money in their own development and battle to find work.
      It will be well marketed to ensure maximum exposure for all. Companies will easily find providers in their area to assist with their training requirements and providers can easily source legitimate freelance/permanent facilitators, assessors and moderators. All INFO WILL BE VERIFIED AND KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. We are also working on a proposal to present to the SETAS to get them on board.
      If we get a favorable response we will continue with the process as it will be quite costly to develop and implement and will not be viable if there is no interest in a service like this. It needs to be affordable and available to everyone in this industry. Please spread the word.

      Please give us a show of hands (only if you are interested) by sending us a blank email to with the word “Interested SP” as a service provider or “Interested Ind” as an individual in the subject line.

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