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    Maphuthi Sekwaila

    Good Day Colleagues

    We have completed an online accreditation application with the Services Seta in November 2014 and received a compliant letter in January 2015 indicating that we should wait for a call to submit documentation and learning material to enable the Seta to conduct a desktop evaluation before a site visit. We were only informed in July 2015 to submit the documents for evaluation and wait for an outcome. Two (2) months down the line, we are still waiting for a feedback and/or a site visit. We sent numerous correspondence to the ETQA Manager but were told to be patient because they are under-staffed thus causing a backlog.

    Now, as a levy paying employer (>650 employees) and also applying to be a training provider, this long process is delaying our implementation of the learning programmes that we have applied for and it will be too costly for us to send our employees to external providers.

    I just want to hear from others who are in the same predicament as us.


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    Janelle Gravett

    Morning Maphuthi

    Unfortunately you are in the same boat as many providers – and we are all at the mercy of the Services SETA!  They have no sense of urgency and really don’t show any empathy or caring in regard the financial impact that the delay in accreditation processes from their side causes all of us. Never mind the implication on learners who are trying to get a qualification and require development!

    Depending on the qualification that you are wanting to be accredited for, you may want to look at getting accreditation from a Professional Body instead.  SABPP is very good and the process is much quicker!  Usually around 3 months!  There is a cost involved as they are a Professional Body and are self funded, but it is worth looking into!

    Good luck!

    Maphuthi Sekwaila

    Good Day Janelle

    I have attended one of the SSeta grants presentation at their offices earlier this year and their Chairperson was singing like a canary that we can contact him if we are experiencing delays or inefficient service. Guess what?? Don’t bother!Thanks for the SABPP advice. 

    Renee’ McGibbon

    Hi All,

    Unfortunately, I am in the same predicament with the SSETA for a number of my clients. There is absolutely no sense of service with the SSETA. If they are understaffed, they should employ more staff to assist them with the backlog, instead of using our SDL’s to fund fancy offices. 

    Unfortunately there are so many providers who need to be quality assured by the SSETA. I think the situation with them needs to be addressed by SAQA and the QCTO as a matter of urgency.They are the cause of many start-up training providers going out of business even before they can begin.

    Maphuthi Sekwaila

    Hi Renee

    I couldn’t agree more. The saying goes ‘A fish rot from the head’. Is this the South Africa we want to built? Maybe I should involve the QCTO and SAQA as suggested.


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