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Question: Is it best practice to hand POE’s back to learners after verification and certification?

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    Amelia Laubscher

    I’d be grateful if anyone can enlighten me as to my question above. Thanks!

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    I believe it must be because the evidence presented theirin belongs to the learner and can be used to supplement other assignments for different qualifications. SAQA maintains that the results must be kept for a period but doesn’t specify the portfolios.

    Also, when I was asked what we do with portfolios after verification by Naren from the SABPP, he was very happy with my process of giving the learners back their portfolios with the ceritificate ond SoR. I am however always carefull to remove/blackout the assessor and moderator IDs and signatures.

    Tom Ventouris

    I think this would be subject to SETA requirements but after verification, they would probably have no need for them.

    Whether you return them or dispose of them in some other way, I would get some written document from the learner authorizing the disposal or confirming receipt. 

    The ones we dispose of are recycled by MPACT and we have the proceeds donated to JHB Hospice. Just an idea for recycling. Save a tree and make someone in need little more comfortable.

    Wilma de Villiers

    Our learners need their PoE’s in their workplace.  They are ECD pracitioners.  In the PoE’s there are written planning, ideas for community projects, etc.

    It is also impossible to store all the PoE’s.

    Heidi D Edwards

    Hi Amelia,

    Let me turn the question on its head:

    Why would a Provider NOT return a Portfolio of Evidence to a Learner after certification?

    As far as I know there is neither regulation nor statute that makes provision for a Private Provider to retain a portfolio.

    Retain copies of Assessment Judgement Reports; Internal Moderator Reports; Certificates of Competence and Statements of Results, not portfolios of evidence that belong to Learners.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 19 total)
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