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QCTO taking steps towards Criteria & Guidelines for Skills Development Providers

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    Nigel Shipston

      Hi Sylvia, I haven’t had any feedback on this yet although I know of some who have applied. Sounds like passing the buck as a means of being selective as to who gets financial assistance.

      Lynel Farrell

        You are most welcome Sylvia. I am trying to look at the difficulties that everyone is having.

        Financial support: there have been support for registered companies, whereby they need to apply for this. Some of the relief support that I can remember of was: Sector Relief Funding – Tourism, Sports, Arts and Culture, Agriculture, SME Debt Relief Fund, Sukuma Relief Fund – Business Partners, IDC Working Capital Support. Some banks are assisting for example: FNB offers COVID assistance for business, whereby you need to upload your employee details, evidence that you have employees by means of payroll and payslips etc, and they assist with a lump-some if approved.

        Then there’s the UIF and TERS applications for individuals. For learners DHET gives support via stipends, here the SETAs also had to continue (although there was some miscommunication, this apparently is now rectified – but I speak under correction). Learnerships can be extended during this period too.

        Unfortunately, for the freelancers and consultants that work for themselves per contract – if they have not contributed to their own UIF or saved for when things are tough, then it will hit them the hardest.

        For now, I use my energy to focus on how to prepare going forward. I have learned hard lessons (and so have majority of us). Exploring online and eLearning, and obtaining as much information on COVID to gear up to start operating again (although I am not a provider, we have started obtaining free information and templates to assist in administrative protocols that will be implemented).

        Unfortunately you cannot pay out from what you haven’t earned. If someone offers you a hand out, it either has been already collected or will be. The fact that educated professionals don’t understand principle of “no such thing as free lunch” is concerning. I cannot see government picking up millions without a collection mechanism.


        Thanks Nigel- I must say I was very surprised that according to the report I received – an apparently state department was suggesting that the DHET would be funding private providers. I did think: good Durban stuff.

        Lynel, what a wonderful end point to your post – I always smile when I hear: the government will fund it. OK – they are funding – no problem – but how much more will we need to pay & through what mechanism? Are we talking VAT, personal tax, property tax, death tax, etc.?

        Tass Schwab

          I also always wonder who the consultants are. I am following this thread with great interest. Thank you all for your valuable insightful input always!

          Lynel Farrell

            Hi Tass

            There have been a number of stakeholders involved, which includes the SETAs, QCTO, DHET Ministerial Task Team, DHET Skills Branch, SETA COVID-19 Task Team, Higher Health, National Skills Authority to mention but a few. I believe that various inputs have been received from all over which included industry, providers, professional bodies, employers and the like. I don’t believe that it was one or two consultants – but all departments had to get involved. It would be interesting to see how the Criteria and Guidelines will look like – we wait in anticipation.

          Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 16 total)
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