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QCTO taking steps towards Criteria & Guidelines for Skills Development Providers

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    sylvia hammond

    The Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO) has issued Memorandum 3 which explains:
    * the QCTO steps towards developing Criteria & Guidelines;
    * the Skills section of Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) & the Sector Education & Training Authorities (SETAs) role; &
    * the National Skills Authority (NSA) role.

    The Criteria and Guidelines are not yet finalised.

    Memo 3 makes reference to Memo 1 & Memo 2, so for those who may have missed them they are all attached.

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    Nathaniel Tshuma

    Why their first priority is Public Institutes and public TVET Colleges. Something has to be balanced here. We need a strong voice that will change this kind of treatment towards SDPs. We are part of the private sector so we must be treated as such and be given support as we contribute to the the GDB or economy growth.

    Lynel Farrell

    Thank you so much Sylvia! It is fantastic to see that what the Minister had said in his briefing yesterday about working towards finalising the criteria and guidelines for SDPs and working with the Quality Council. It cannot be an easy task, and we appreciate their continuous hard work.

    sylvia hammond

    Nathaniel, I totally agree with you.

    While I fully support the development of students & NSFAS funding – there is a long delay until that investment in students provides a positive contribution to the economy.

    It is the private sector – directly in the workplace – that could be contributing immediately – today – to the economy.

    One provider – improving the skills & competencies of employees through work-based and work-integrated learning – immediately gives the employer & the economy a return on investment.

    This is why I keep harping on – the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) needs to have a much better understanding of the contribution of private skills development providers – even the single micro/survivalist provider makes that contribution.

    I would have prioritised skills development at the workplace.

    I will be very happy if someone can prove me wrong in this opinion.

    sylvia hammond

    By the way – a further thought occurs to me – Memo 3 refers to the process of consultation.

    Is it just me – or are all the people who are consulted sitting in offices – or homes?

    Was there any consultation with the people on the ground – the actual providers – who would be affected – of the draft Criteria & Guidelines?

    Was the draft document circulated to the professional associations – Association for Skills Development South Africa (ASDSA)?

    Have any of the Sector Education & Training Authorities (SETAs) actually circulated the document to their accredited private providers for comment?

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