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QCTO joint communique 1 of 2016 – Please attend to this ASAP

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    Bernard Botha

    Thanks to Lynel Farrel for bringing this extremely important document to the bright light.

    Joint Communique 1 of 2012 has (up to now!) been the excuse for not registering with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

    I specifically mention up to now as Joint Communique 1 of 2016 has quietly been published in August 2016.  This replaces the Joint Communique 1 of 2012.  You can download the document but the main issue is that ALL private providers MUST now be registered with the DHET.  The documents are available on and the deadline is 30 June 2017.  I tried to download the document but did not succeed.  It is Government Gazette 30733 or 5 February 2006.  At present it is PDF and I have not yet been able to obtain a word version.

    Most of the document is straight forward and at least section 29 and 30 from the old document (details of the applicant’s auditor and the registration number of the DHET checked and if the person was not registered the application was turned down).  Had many disagreements on this issue and even took the new Companies Act but to no avail – rules is rules and till the document is amended the rule shall apply.

    The other contentious issue that is still there is Annexure 3 – Financial Surety.

    Please bring this to the attention of all private providers.

    Bernard Botha

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    Hi Bernard,

    Thank you too for bringing this document to our attention.

    It helps me understand the document that I have been working through – which is the Draft National Policy on the Misrepresentation of Qualifications.  I have been wondering why it mentions registration with DHET for all providers, when I recalled the previous Joint Communique document.  So that is now clear to me. I’m putting together some comment to submit, so I can now leave that comment out.

    I will now go and locate the 2016 version of the Communique.


    Thanks a mil.


    Now totally confused Joint Communique 1 of 2016 that I have located talks to Recognition of NCV 4 by HEIs? 

    Bernard is that the correct reference?

    Bernard Botha


    Now I am confused!  As I read paragraph 3.2(b) says ‘for OQSF qualifications at NQF levels 1 to 6 with the Directorate Private Colleges (the guide and forms for registration are available at Vocational Education and Training).

    Not sure where you see the NC(V) 4 and HEI.

    If providers have trouble with this they are welcome to contact me and I will assist in return for a contribution to my maintenance fund.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 96 total)
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