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Problems with service delivery at HW Seta

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    Does anybody know what is going on at the HW Seta?  I have been struggling for three weeks now only to get someone to answer the phone at the Seta?  The one time somebody did answer, nobody were in their offices?  I need to follow up on the accreditation process of a provider I have assisted in the process, but it seems an absolute impossible task.  I am absolutely at my wits end.  What does one need to do in order for this Seta to do their jobs?  If anyone knows of a person at the HW Seta who will be willing and able to assist me and has their cellnumber (for phoning their landline is a waste of energy), please inbox me 🙁

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    Tass Schwab

    For those who are in the call center industry, I see a huge opportunity here… SETA call centers…

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    Good point Tass. Did you see the SETA’s that evaluate unit standards like receptionist, front line and customer service? (Not going to mention names now)

    Did you ever see their receptions or the people they place in the reception and then they want to evaluate our work?

    Shocking. They should spend less on their fancy offices and get their service delivery right. Lizelle, sorry, cant help you here but this is nothing new to the industry. It takes us sometimes weeks to get through to certain SETA’s. There is of course the one or two exceptions to the rule also, but only one or two.

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    Sorry cant inbox you. We are based in Durban and the below lady has helped us, maybe she can point you in the right direction.


    Slindile Majola

    Health and Welfare SETA

    KZN Provincial Office

    300 Smith Street

    Mutual Mall, 11th Floor


    Tel:   031 301 0223

    Cell: 082 733 4316

    Fax: 086 549 8763


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    Bernard Botha


    If you are in the Gauteng area the best solution is to go to the SETA offices – just remember they work flexitime and your chances of finding anybody in the office after 3 is virtually zero.


    You can also try to call Wendy, the PRO on 0800864478 .  I am not sure if she is still there – the last time I saw her was in October 2012.  Even if you walk in – ask to see Wendy, she is a wonderful lady and will try her utmost to help you but in general she is fighting a loosing battle.


    Bernard Botha

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    Ken Annandale

    Hi Lizelle

    Do you know about our SAQA Unit Standard Aligned INDUCTOR and HASREP Trainer’s Kits? You can customise and present these 2 courses as part of your Short Course and Skills Development Programme. These include First-Aid, Fire Fighting, Supervisory Skills, Electricity and Legislation. More info on all our other kits on Best regards Ken. 0829208912.

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    Achford Waini

    When i did my accredation as an Assessor HWSETA was one of the worst setas i have dealt with. It took me a good seven months to get my scope. Phoning week in week out. Other setas SSETA, LG SETA and ETDP took less than four weeks to do the accreditation.

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