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    Can anyone assist…

    Do you know of any SETAs which:

     – have given learning programme approval to online or eLearning material?

     – have an eLearning/ online learning policy?

    We are struggling with Services Seta which will not approve such materials and insist on face-to -face delivery despite the NSDS III having identified that more innovative approaches to training are required.

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    All I know is that there are SETA’s that do approve elearning but Service SETA are not one of them, would love to know the answer to this as well.



    I am resorting to calling them…very interesting!

    FASSET and BANKSETA are a definitive yes thus far. Others are not sure and I need to email them so they can get back to me.

    karen deller

    HI Tessa, yes there are SETAs that have embraced on-line learning (BANKSETA, FASSET, MICT for example).  SERVICES SETA does not understand it and claim not to have te expertise to evaluate it so therefore providers may not do it.  I am in a discussion with the DHET (Dr Shirley Lloyd), QCTO (Mr Vijayen Naidoo) and SAQA (Mr Jody Cedras) on the SSETA ‘misunderstanding’ around on-line learning.  If you can add your voice as well maybe more ‘understanding’ can be forthcoming from these SETAs who chose to ignore all the policy documents (including their own minister’s White Paper on POst-School Education, which also endorses technology enhanced learning as a way of broadening access and reducing cost – both of which are very topical right now).  We even hosted the SSETA and QCTO reps at our office where we showcased technology enhanced learning for them to see the pros and cons so they could increase their understanding, but they have simply ignored all they saw.   


    Thanks Karen for the information.

    Moving Services Seta is difficult to say the least!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 11 total)
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