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    Thanks Nigel for that very useful clarification.

    I think the first issue is that the QCTO are ultimately responsible for all the accreditation decisions. They have delegated their authority to the SETAs, but that does not absolve them of all responsibility.

    And secondly, your comments confirm again what I keep repeating – people in offices should not make rules and requirements for workplaces, of which they have no knowledge or experience.

    The Parliamentary Committees on Higher Education & Training & the Committee on Labour have oversight responsibility over the Departments of Higher Education & Training (DHET) & Employment & Labour (DoEL) – so that’s what they should be asking when those departments present to them.
    You have this new requirement/regulation, which affects workplaces.
    What research did you personally undertake – on the ground, not sitting in meetings – before you issued this new regulation?


    Hi Nigel – do you have the Regulation or Gazette numbers?

    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Sylvia,
    These were the two original docs from 2016 and 2017. In the first one, HWSETA is stipulated as the SETA, but the amended version that followed in Dec 2017 after the meeting removed the HWSETA specific requirement and replaced it with a SETA holding First Aid unit standards within it’s scope. There are a number of SETA’s who hold scope for one or more of the three unit standards stipulated by DEL, can’t recall offhand but I think there was something like 11 or 13 who hold the Level 1 First Aid unit standard 119567.

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    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Sylvia,
    Just as a follow on, it is noted that DEL (then DoL) were very accommodating regarding considering the number of training providers and SETA’s who held First Aid unit standards outside of HWSETA. It was a considered approach to amend the Regulation accordingly, bearing in mind that like a lot of OHS related topics, First Aid has a reach across virtually all Sectors and SETA’s.
    And I agree that far too many decisions are made (with the best of intentions?) without participation of those who work within and understand the conditions and circumstances of the affected field. This is not in accordance with the PAJ Act which requires such participation prior to imposing wayward rules.
    In this case, although the original decision was imposed, DoL proved amenable to accepting participatory input and amended accordingly.


    Thank you Nigel. I agree decisions are made with the best intentions, by people well qualified in their own world – but without an understanding of the context and implications of their decisions.
    Thanks for the Gazettes – have saved those.

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