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    There have been a number of previous discussions on skills-universe on the requirements for training providers in the Occupational Health and Safety arena (OHS).

    In summary, previously Department of Employment and Labour would accept providers of non-accredited training. That has now changed. Such providers need to be accredited to offer the OHS training programmes, before they approach the DoEL.

    Please see the attached Government Gazette Notice.

    However, please note the use of the word “the”, which implies that there will only be one accrediting body delegated by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

    Maryna Ritter, a Board member of the Association for Skills Development in South Africa (ASDSA) has approached the QCTO executive management to clarify whether that does mean that Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Training Authority (MERSETA) – as an example – would no longer be an accrediting body.

    Also, if the Notice does not mean what it says, to please provide us with a list of the accrediting Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).

    More importantly, if it does mean what it says – can we assume that will be the Health and Welfare Seta (HWSETA), and has/when did the other SETA accreditation lapse/d?

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    Ken Annandale

    Welcome to the 3 year cogitation.
    While the rationale behind this pronouncement is severely flawed, in both concept and application, we must point out it does not apply to π˜Όπ™‡π™‡ OHS training, but only First Aid training.
    Your thoughts?
    Ken Annandale

    Simphiwe Mdikane

    Hi all.
    According to my understanding, this gazette only addresses the first aid training and not all OHS quals. SDPs must obtain accreditation with any SETA deligated by the QCTO that holds these unit standards.


    Thank you Ken – yes level 1,2,3 First Aid training – not all OHD training.

    Simphiwe, the problem is with the English language – it says
    “issued by the” QA body – that is interpreted to mean there is only one.
    But there are a number.
    So the QCTO needs to confirm: who are the SETAs who are able to do the accreditation?

    Nigel Shipston

    Hi Sylvia,
    The original reg stated HWSETA but was later changed by removing HWSETA and permitting accreditation by other SETA’s that hold First Aid unit standards within their scope. This occurred following a meeting with DEL, QCTO, SETA’s and training providers, where DEL was made aware that there were already hundreds of providers accredited for these unit standards with other SETA’s. I have had about 20 providers accredited by TETA and subsequently approved by DEL for the First Aid unit standards since 2018 and there have been no issues.
    This whole episode is like a rebel without a cause. Providers have been accredited by other SETA’s and subsequently approved by DEL, so there is no need to approach QCTO when the system is working as expected. It would appear however that the “issues” are being unnecessarily perpetuated for the purpose of furthering individual aspirations.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 10 total)
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