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Non-payment: SETAs

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    Please assist: what is the best way for a provider that has not been paid by the SETA for months (learnerships) to take this matter up and resolve it? Does anyone else experience the same problem?

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    Hi Carin,  have you considered contacting APPETD for assistance?

    Arrie Venter

    Hi Carin

    You are now trying to take on the UNTOUCHABLES!!!!! The SETA’s can do what they want and where they want!!! i am going to the Public Protector with my problems.

    Hope you can sort it out!!!


    Hi Arrie – have you seen the posting in the APPETD group on the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act?

    Click to access APPETD legal committee advice


    Hi Carin,

    I have quite a lot of experience in this regard.

    I usually contact the ETQA manager directly – and together we follow the paper trail.  In my experience it is usually either an administrative assistant that did not do his/her bit, the fact that they are mostly not at their desks doing what they are paid to do, on a course (they are forever attending courses) – and then the invoice is lying in an in-basket somewhere or has not been signed off.  In some instances – we have found that it had nothing to do with the SETA – but rather the accounting/auditing firm (the financial function is usually contracted out) – that is at fault and not the SETA.

    My advice – follow the paper trail – and determine exactly where/who the problem is.  I usually get paid then.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 40 total)
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