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No more desk top verifications

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    Des Squire

    Just in case you do not know – the ETDP SETA is no longer conducting desk top verifications.

    This decision was made some two weeks ago and is effective immediate.

    All future verifications will be conducted on site and will be for pre-defined groups of learners only. 

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    Abbey Ntswana

    Hi Des,

    Thanks for the information about the ETDP SETA desk top verification. You it will be on site for only pre-defined groups learners only. What does that mean?

    Henk Cloete

    Might I enquire on how this decision was communicated to their constituent providers? How will they ensure that their “clients” (learners) receive their results without delay? As is, we have to wait for weeks for verifications, and even then, not most of the time, we are “met” by verifiers with an “I am Mr Know All” complex…. At best; this is going to make the ETDP just like the other SETA’s….

    But, that is just my point of view….

    Cas Olivier


    Does it mean they do the verification while the assessor is assessing and the moderator is moderating a pre-defined group?


    Hannes Nel

    Is this for accreditation evaluation or endorsement of assessment results? We currently have a huge problem with a QA body who did  desk top verification, or rather evaluation, but clearly did not read what we submitted. One can see it from the irrelevant feedback that they sent us. This is even worse.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 10 total)
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