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    Hi Pamela

    The developer that took me for a ride was in fact a well know training provider and developer based in DBN who has been working in the Services Seta industry for a long time.  Services Seta Legal Department was also looking into this as she also neglected to complete a learnerships and also alot of other people was looking for her.  I still don’t know why? And I have had 2 people phone me to ask for references for her as they saw my cell number and comment on her Skills universe wall! I can’t believe that she is still getting away with it!  I believe strongly that all developers must be registered the same as Assessors and Moderators to with the relevant Seta’s.  This will be the only way that we can safeguard that we actually get qualified developers to develop material!  I am a developer myself but just don’t have the time to develop as I am so busy doing 2 jobs and trying to get a Training company up and running.


    Hi – sad to see so many have had a problem – I did ask the developer (based in Pretoria) to refund the money – and although he said he would if it failed at the second accreditation visit, he now refuses to – I guess our recourse should be  civil court now.  I also think that Developers should be registered with the Seta so that you know who you are dealing with and if they are reputable. And an automatic money back guarantee if the material does not pass accreditation, as it seems that the only one that loses if the material fails is the client.  If you factor in the months it takes to get material accredited that you lose out on business.  Maybe material should be accredited first by the Seta and then sold as accredited material that way you would know what you are paying for.  My suggestion is to get references from other clients – and ask in a open forum for recommendations of a developer.


    Hi everyone

    It is sad, as we all share the same experience.  The developers I had a terrible experience with are based in Cape Town and they too disappeared with out a trace, but with my money and leaving me with working all kinds of hours to meet a deadline I had promised.  I have always developed my own courses and after that experience, I am so reluctant to trust someone again even though I don’t have the time to spend developing the material I’d like to have.  Our industry is filled with people you can’t trust, but also some amazing people.  Pamela I really this is such a generous offer and  you give our industry a good name.

    Good luck Tracey


    Hi Tracey / Pamela

    I believe things are going to change drastically with QCTO and the development of unit standards/content.  I am also waiting to see were I can find out more about this.


    I agree Glenda, Thank you Pamela, I wish I could also help more but I am in the Micro-Finance Industry and registered with Bankseta.  We all are in the end trying to make a difference in the training industry in South Africa!

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